The Breath of Gods

Third Session

Goblins, Bugbears and Spelljammers oh my!

After defeating the monstrous goblin, the party ascended a staircase
and discovered a large chamber with several pits covered by rotten
wood. Each pit contained a zombie, likely abandoned down there since
the time of the Rune Lords. Albion cleverly used his cantrips to
destroy the zombies without risk to the party or consuming resources.
There was fresh garbage in the room indicating that some number of
goblins had been living the temple.

Down the hall from that room, the party discovered a meditation
chamber. This room was well kept and looked as though the goblins had
been kept out. Celestial runes were on the floor. They looked as
though they had been added after the temple was constructed, but were
still old. There was a also a magical, holy, glowing blue gem on the
wall that was clearly out of place. The gem was discovered to be a
beacon: an item used to send messages between the planes. Kaon touched
the beacon and began blinking in an unintelligible pattern. The
blinking grew faster and brighter until it suddenly stopped. The glow
disappeared and the stone feel from the wall. The party had been
magically healed and there used spells and abilities restored. It no
longer had a magical aura. Secundus collected it for further study.
Albion took time to meditate while the rest of the party investigated
the beacon, and detected the same strange, unidentified sent she had
smelled back in Sandpoint the morning after the raid.

The party was startled to hear the screams of enraged goblins coming
from the bottom of a spiral staircase just past the meditation
chamber. Secundus used a grease spell as the goblins came up the
stairs which killed some as they slipped down the stairs and delayed
the rest as they were unable to get past the grease. The party easily
defeated the few who made it past the grease. Once the spell had
faded, the remaining goblins surged up the stairs and were burned en
masse by Albion’s magic. The party could hear the remaining goblins
fleeing and screaming as a monstrous voice yelled at them to get out
of it’s way. The voice turned out to be a bugbear, and he party spread
out to flank the top of the stairs.

After it’s defeat, the party descended the stairs to find a very long
tunnel which opened onto the surface in the forest about 2 miles from
Sandpoint. The party followed the tracks of some the few remaining
goblins who had fled, but there pursuit was interrupted by an
explosion in the sky over Sandpoint. A meteor-like object appeared out
of nothing over the town and streaked down toward the see near the

The party immediately headed back to Sandpoint, there they discovered
the town bustling with activity and a strange glowing ship offshore.
Albion recognized it as a ship for travelling between the planes. A
quick investigation in town revealed that no one had been seen on or
leaving the ship. That it hadn’t responded to any hails, and that it
repelled their boats as they approached it. The glow around the ship
had been gradually fading since it appeared. A local boy volunteered
to row the party out to the ship. This time, the ship wasn’t repelled,
but the boy was. The party felt no resistance. The boy eagerly swam
back to shore and the party mounted the strange vessel.

The boat was much like a normal sea-faring vessel, but with strange
differences in it’s sails and some details. The hull of the ship was
made of metal. The ship was equipped with cannon, but the ammunition
were shells instead of balls which the party had never seen or heard
of. The anchor had been dropped, the lifeboats were stowed, and the
holds were empty. Writing around the ship was in an unknown language
that appeared to be a combination of Draconic, Celestial, Abyssal, and
Infernal. The ship appeared well-maintained, but seemed very old.
There was no sign of crew, but the party felt they were being watched,
and Albion smelled the same strange smell from the town and the
meditation chamber.

Kaon tried to open the door to the captain’s chamber, but it
held-fast. As Secundus approached however, it opened itself. Inside,
there were books and charts in the same strange language and a glowing
orb that seemed to be some sort of map, but the party had no idea what
it was or how to read it. Also in the cabin, the party discovered a
cage holding a large Raven with milky white eyes and bandages dangling
from it’s legs. It was identified as a harbinger of Pharasma (Kaon’s
deity). The party released it and it tagged along with the party as
they explored the ship. As the party left, the captain’s door locked
itself. A quick test revealed that it only opened for Secundus.

In the crew quarters, the party found a still with the holy symbol of
Cayden Cailean (Erik’s deity), which produced blessed alchol. In
another room, Albion hears a faint whisper and a command to “Draw me.”
When he draws his sword, the entire party hears a sigh and the ship
thrums. After much thought, Secundus, looks through the spent beacon
and sees a spectral crew going about their business on the ship. They
salute him and respond to commands and questions, but he is unable to
hear them and it is difficult to discern their appearance. The rest of
the party can also see the crew when looking through the gem, and they
realize that items the crew is holding are similarly invisible, but
that they appear when set down. The harbinger draws Kaon’s attention
to the mast and they discover the holy symbol of Aroden on the main

The party returned to Sandpoint to ponder and regroup. They informed
the mayor that the ship was not a threat to the town. They made sure
that Amiku was ok, and that her brother remained imprisoned and was
still unwilling to talk. After some discussion they decided to
investigate Thistletop, where they believed the goblin horde were
encamped. They hoped to get information on the size of the force and
try to stop the raid before it happened if possible. Thistletop is
actually a small island that is really the head of an ancient statue
that sank into the sea. That night the party went to investigate the
goblin camp.

The camp was quiet and dark, small groups of goblins were found
sleeping and killed in their sleep. In the courtyard, there were 4
goblin hounds scratching at the door of an outbuilding. By the door,
there were two dead goblins who’s skulls had been crushed. They party
also found 2 goblins awake in one of the watch towers and left them
unnoticed for the time. In the center of the compound, behind a set of
double doors, the party could hear goblins reenacting the raid on
sound point. They burst in to discover a war chanter creating a crude
illusion of the party while goblin commandos killed them and some sort
of goblin chieftain enjoyed the show from his throne. The party
defeated the goblins, though the battle was long. They took a ring of
keys from the chieftain.


Dremendond Dremendond

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