The Breath of Gods

Tenth Session

A Clockwork Subtly.

On the way to marshlands, Secundus woke up to discover the magic crystal shard in his eye was gone and the entire eye had become a magic gem. As the party approached the marshlands, they saw that it was covered in a dense mist and there was a large wall of fire in the forest to the South. The forest contained a secluded elven settlement.The party decided to investigate the fire. From the air, the party could see a large army of figures methodically cutting down and burning trees. There were some bodies that had been killed by arrows. And some of them fired arrows at the ship as it passed. The party decided to find the elves to find out what’s going on.

As they searched for the elven settlement from the air, they were approached approached by elves riding griffons. The party told them they’ve come to help and they lead them to the settlement. The party landed the ship in a river in the settlement. The leader of the elves came out to meet the party and introduced himself as Tirith. He tells us that a couple months ago clockwork soldiers started incurring into the forest and attacking their scouts with no warning. A few weeks ago they started the fire and just kept coming. Their scouts had also been finding other strange creatures coming down from the mountains in small numbers. From their descriptions and drawings, the party can tell that the creatures are from another plane.

The party decided to head into the mist to stop the constructs and find Valia Sadar, one of Anorak’s apprentices. The ship dropped the party off at the edge of the mist near the path of the fire and arranged to be picked up on the mountain in the middle of the marsh. The party followed a road into the marsh leading from the path of the fire. Along the way they saw a large group of clockwork soldiers marching out. They’re all clockwork constructs and not outsiders. The party continued down the road for 2 days occasionally seeing and avoiding groups of constructs going back and forth. Later, they found the remains of wagons they’d seen pass earlier headed into the marsh. All of the constructs that were with the wagons were gone and there was signs of a battle. The wagon appeared to have contained construct parts. Construct tracks going into the swamp away from the road and the party followed them.

They found a small camp of constructs, but these appeared to be sentient. Some were playing cards, others were painted. They all wore a key around their neck. The party introduced themselves. One of them was clearly the leader. He said the constructs actions in the forest were a waste of resources and he wished to stop it. He said they were made by the maker, but they didn’t know her name. He also said that she sends them to die and are remade. He was the first to realize that there was more than her will. He rescues and awakens his brothers. He opens up their bodies and connects the magic gem at their heart with his and they awaken. He talks to them in their rapid binary language, gives them a key and shows them how to wind themselves. He sent the others to “the haven” and agreed to lead the party to the center of the marsh where maker is.

As they headed toward the center of the marsh, the ground grew harder, and they could hear a distant threshing sound. Eventually they came upon a huge pit. Giant pumps were keeping out the water and inside was a large ancient castle. From the age it must be Thassilonian but it didn’t seem to be. Thousands of constructs were excavating the ruin. The pumps were heavily guarded and put out giant pillars of steam. The leader of the sentient constructs led the party to a tunnel full of water that led from outside of the pit into the ruin. The party snuck inside at shift change using magic to let them breathe under water and remain unseen.

The tunnel came out in the base of the tower. The party headed down a central staircase. A large group of constructs passed both ways periodically as they continued their excavation. The party was able to avoid them. On the lowest level, the party hears voices coming out of an excavated tunnel following the constructs. They hide and listen. A female voice said that they “hadn’t found it yet”. A very gaunt half-elf woman and a middle-aged man came out. The man looked like a scholar and an underling. They stopped at a camp table and looked at a map. From their conversation, the party learns that they’re urgently looking for something ancient, and if they don’t find it soon they’ll delay her master’s plans. We ambush and kill them.

Their construct ally wanted the master key she carried so he can stop the others. Secundus hesitated, but gave it over after he learned that he have to attune it before he could use it, but the construct could use it right away. As soon as he had it the construct ordered the constructs to stop and return home.


Dremendond Dremendond

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