The Breath of Gods

Sixth Session


Shortly after heading back to town, the party were suddenly and instantly found themselves somewhere else. Grethan, the survivor, and his wife were all gone and Anwar’s character was with us; a moment ago he had been in Sandpoint. Kaon was unconscious on a stretcher that appeared to have been made in haste recently. He appeared to be injured badly and in a coma. The party had all clearly been through a fight recently and had the wounds to prove it.

There was an intensely magical blue fire around the party that was fading. The fire consisted of magic of all types: arcane, divine and even psionic. The party glowed with a similar aura. Upon further examination, Kaon’s soul appeared to be missing.

The party examines their surroundings and discovered they were in an underground cavern that had been shaped. It is very quiet like a tomb. Behind them was a large, ornate door full of collapsed rubble. The same blue fire seemed to be coming from behind that door and was fading. There are 2 other small doors and stairs going up and down. The stairs going up are also full of collapsed rubble. The room is lit with torches that appear to have been placed a couple hours ago. Albion detects the same exotic scent as well as a smell like burnt metal, rock and lizard. The small is fading and seems to have come from behind the collapsed door. There is Thassilonian writing around the door that indicates this structure was a prison created by the Rune Lords to hold some kind of magical beast.

The small doors led to small antechambers. The party headed down the stairs carrying Kaon along with them. Suddenly a wraith appeared and attempted to posses Kaon, but it was repelled forcefully by an unknown force indicated that Kaon’s body was being protected most likely by Pharasma. The party defeated the wraith but during the course of the battle, Secundus saw the aura around Albion solidify on his body like armor, and he found his spells were more powerful than they should have been. Secundus realized he suddenly had the ability to cast any of his prepared spells even ones he knew he had used. As the party proceeded they were attacked by Anubisoids. Again the party was victorious and during the battle, Anwar’s character discovered he could shadow step and Erik had abilities he didn’t previously. When defeated the Anubisoids crumbled into dust.

In another room, we find a sarcophogus and defeat a mummy which it contained. Inside we find 3 magic items which we later identify as a Ring of Keys, a Ring of Soften Earth and Stone and an Amulet of True Speech. The party proceeds and begins to head upwards. They find a room with a single door that had been knocked in and the remains of 4 humanoids that appeared to be a couple decades old. Investigation indicates they may have been killed by a chain lighting spell.

The party eventually finds a secret door and emerges from a small, concealed cave in a plain. There are mountains nearby and it’s late autumn or early winter; it was late summer when the party was transported. The party heads towards chimney smoke visible in the distance. They arrive at a small town that looks like a trapping village. It has a high wooden wall which is common but there are claw marks near the top. The residents recognize the party and are glad to see them.

After conversation with Artun, their leader, and the party’s confessing that they had no memory of how they arrived, the party learns that two months have passed. Starting around the same time, the souls of dead stopped moving on and there were more undead. We showed up about a week ago looking for the source of the undead. We said we though that it was a dwarf necromancer named Anorak. We arrived a little beaten up, stayed a couple days and then headed out. Grethan was still with us, but he hadn’t returned. It seems that whatever we did solved the problem and the dead seem to be staying dead. There also had been some kind of creature coming by the town at night periodically. It would road and claw at the wall for a few minutes and leave.

We spend the night in the town. Our dreams were filled with rage, pain, and battle. There was a large creature in the dream that was difficult to see but it glowed with the same blue magic and we sensed peace and satisfaction directed toward us. When we awoke the next morning, we resting discover that we have attained Mythic powers. We leave Kaon in the inn and retrace our steps to find out what happened. We find another hidden entrance that appears to lead to the same cavern where we arrived. There are six sets of tracks going in and the party was able to identify them as our own and Grethan.

Inside the cave was a very large cavern full of graves and tombs. Along the way we find more piles of dust like those left by defeated Anubisoids. In the center of the chamber is a large hill where there are signs of battle. The party appears to have fought there and there is a fresh cairn with Grethan’s name on it. We explore on and find the collapsed stair that we thin leads to the room where we arrived. We decided to come back with tools and men to dig it out and discover what was behind the collapsed door.

We spend the night back in the village but are awakened by a loud roar and screams from the village. We rush out to face the threat and find an Underworld Dragon. Anwar’s character asks it what it’s doing here, and it says “I’m here for you” and spits lava at him. He evades and we battle the dragon and defeat it. We take it’s claws which are Adamintine. After the fight we look back at the Inn and Kaon is standing there, leaning against the door frame and dragging his sword. His eyes were glowing white. As the party approached, he says in a cold, feminine, otherworldly voice “Remember”. And we fall back through our memories to where we were when we started the session. Also we hit level 5. Ding.


Dremendond Dremendond

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