The Breath of Gods

Ninth Session

Fear no evil.

We defeated the disfigured villagers and moved into the cave entrance. The ruins were lit by moss that glowed a sickly green color. There were pillars covered with Thassilonian script indicating that this ruin was dedicated to the sin of Wrath. As the party moved further in, Albion and Cassius heard scrabbling and getting louder but the party couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, a giant centipede dropped from the ceiling into the midst of the party. Grethan landed the killing blow.

The party explored further and found many arches full of dirt. Albion smelled remnants of decay. The party found stairs going up that led out onto the top of the hill. As the party explored, they encountered a gnome armed with a giant battleaxe named Fergus. During the ensuing battle, we discovered he was fireproof, and could cast spells and smite good (Kaon in this case). The party defeated him and discovered that his holy symbol was a defaced symbol of Abadar.

The party headed much deeper underground and found a prison full of priests. They were being tortured and Fergus was one of them before he was tortured. We release them including one evil priest. One of them wants to fight and said she came there willingly for her goddess (Serenae). One of them was a paladin and volunteered to protect them while the party moved on. The prisoners revealed that Dagoran was a vampire and and that his goal is to kill gods. Their captors had tortured other priests to death and had brutally killed the priests of Pharasma that they captured immediately instead of torturing them like the others. They also told the party that Dagoran was currently torturing Ederog and that they didn’t know what he was.

The ruin was actually a colosseum. In the main arena was a large altar covered in Thassilonian sin markings and the skeleton of a dragon. Ederog was on the altar and Dagoran was standing over him hammering spikes into him. The party rushed forward and killed Dagoran. Ederog was revealed to be undead but of an unknown kind. The stakes that were being hammered into Ederog were imbued with unholy negative energy. The party healed Ederog with conventional healing which shouldn’t work on undead. He said that Dagoran wanted his secret. He’s not evil and found a way to prevent himself from dying. He said his only crime was not being willing to die. He achieved his current state through magic and by being willing to kill himself. Kaon felt that it was his holy duty to kill him and did. As he died, he called Chad a tool, cursed Pharasma, and revealed that he had a phylactery

The party explored further and found Dagoran’s coffin and lab. His notes revealed that he was looking for a way of using a priests connection to a god to summon and imprison the god so they could kill it. The party helps the imprisoned priests, consecrate the church in the village and destory the monument. Erik learned that his magic still allowed him to brew potions. The party takes the imprisoned priests to Sandpoint and decide to go after the apprentice in the marshlands to the East.


Dremendond Dremendond

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