The Breath of Gods

Fourth Session

I, Necromancer

After defeating the goblin chief on Thistletop, Kaon took the goblin chief’s head to scare off the remaining goblins. Before heading deeper into the fortress, the party killed the goblin dogs in the courtyard and rescued a captured horse from an outbuilding.

As the party proceeded underground, they discovered goblins that had been ripped apart. Evidence suggested they had been killed by undead. The harbinger released a supernaturally loud cry that shook the walls and left an unnatural silence after the echos faded. Below was a chamber lit by foul-smelling lichen. Two doors had been broken in. In a storeroom, the party discovered a fiery portal with shades on the other side. Another chamber was a goblin nursery where baby goblins were raised by dogs. Another chamber was a living area and contained a large number of dead zombies and 2 humans that had been ripped apart. The party determined that they had fought each other and the zombies had driven them back into this area. One of them was a mage, the other a warrior. The bodies were fresh and the zombies had come from the portal. One of the other room’s belonged to Nualia.

The party followed the trail of bodies deeper and found a chapel of Lamashtu. Inside, a battle between goblins and undead was raging. In the midst of battle was a dwarf necromancer who wore a cloak made of human faces. He shot a bolt of lightning down a hallway on the far side of the room and the party could hear a woman scream. The dwarf went down the hallway after the woman and the party pursued skirting the battle. Secundus reached the door first and triggered a glyph of warding which knocked him unconscious. Kaon revived Secundus and the party fought and defeated the remaining zombies who had come after the party once the goblins were defeated. The Harbinger’s eyes were dripping with red energy.

The party pursued the necromancer and pass through a gallery with crude drawings and a war room. Beyond that, the stonework was much older. They passed through a chamber with ancient statues and beautiful, unnaturally preserved artwork including a painting of an ancient Thassilonian city. The party was attacked by shadows, and continued on after they were dispatched.

The party caught up to the necromancer who had defeated Nualia. She was injured, and kneeling before him. The necromancer looked at the party, his face cadaverous. The Harbinger screamed, and the necromancer laughed. He weilds a staff and holds a necklace that he had just taken from Nualia. He said, “You’re too late.” and then to Kaon and Erik: “Tell them I’m coming. God’s death is coming.” and teleported away.

Nualia’s left arm is a demon’s arm. She has ritual scars on her belly indicating that she has given birth to a monster. The party ties her up and drags her back to the surface. On the way back, they investigate some of the rooms they passed in pursuit of the necromancer and Nualia. In a hallway with columns, one of the columns contained a secret passage that had been sealed for a very long time. Inside is a lavish study that’s both lit and preserved by magic. The study contains a large number of books. Behind a secret panel is a window that looked down on a mountain indicating that this study was nowhere near Thistletop. There was also a globe of the world before the fall made of precious metals. By studying the contents of the war room, the party discovers that all of the goblin’s plots have now been thwarted. When they reach the area with the portal, it’s gone.

The party takes Nualia back to town and imprison her in the crypt. From questioning her they learn that the necromancer was after the necklace and that it was a key to power, but after that she only warns of a horrible fate that is coming and bites off her own tongue.

Over the next week as they await the trial, the party regroups and resupplies. They return to Thistletop to collect anything of value from the magic study. Unfortunately the gate spell is collapsing. They are able to get about 200 books and the ancient globe. Some of the books are in Thassilonian. The magic still that Erik found on the ship is gone and he finds a magic bracelet has appeared on his wrist which lets him summon it. Kaon inquires about rebuilding his destroyed monastery.

The sheriff returns and Nualia and Suto are tried. Nualia is hanged and her body burnt. Suto is given life in prison in Magnamar.


Dremendond Dremendond

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