The Breath of Gods

First Session

The goblins cometh.

Five years ago, the city of Sandpoint was rocked by tragedy and scandal. The great cathedral of Desna burned to the ground. The cathedral overseer, Zakion, and his daughter Nualia died in the blaze.

The fire was so intense that only partial remains of Zakion were found. Nothing was left of poor Nualia. Nualia was a foundling and was thought to be an Aasimar, descended from a celestial. She was not well liked and made no friends. She was the subject of many rumors about minor miracles and magical properties. Not long before the fire, Nualia gave birth. The child was still-born and horribly deformed. The shock of it all put Nualia into a brief coma. The identity of the father was a complete mystery. Rumor has it that Zakion was not at all pleased to discover her pregnancy.

In addition to the tragedy at the cathedral, there was also the death of the wife of Longjiku Kajitsu. Longjiku was a successful merchant and the richest man in Sandpoint. The official investigation declared that his wife had fallen, but rumors in town persisted that he had murdered her. The two of them and their daughter, Amiku, were all human (Tians, to be precise), but their son, Suto, was born a Half Elf. He was never well-liked except by his mother and hadn’t been seen in Sandpoint for some time.

As our story begins, Sandpoint is holding a swallowtail festival to celebrate and consecrate the new cathedral. Secundus (Elias) had volunteered to assist months ago, but finds himself largely running things by mid-morning. His friend and former student, Albion (Fish) had come to Sandpoint seeking his help. He had made an important discovery that could not wait and believed Secundus was the only person he could trust. Unfortunately, Albion’s nature led the Sheriff, Belor Hemlock, to mistake his intent towards Secundus and left him in a cell before seeking out Secundus. When Secundus arrived at the jail, Albion immediately began to tell him about his discovery and it was several minutes of animated discussion before either remembered to open the cell and release Albion. They parted company then, planning to meet back together later that evening.

That day at the festival, Erik (Devin) spent his time blessing drinks and kissing girls when he wasn’t healing the sick. Kaon (Chad) spent the day feasting at the many food-stalls, all free on the day of the festival. Albion sought out the seedy underbelly of Sandpoint and tried to build up a network of contacts among the city’s urchins.

As the sun set, everyone gathered in the square before the cathedral for the blessing. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and a party of goblins emerged from a cart and began attacking the crowd. Fortunately for those nearby, Erik was near the cart and had just realized something was wrong when the attack began. He battled several while Kaon charged across the square to help. He terrified and dispatched the goblins he encountered on the way. Albion battled goblins who were attacking his new friends among the urchins. Secundus, lamenting that his crossbow was hanging in his rooms, fired a spell at the goblins attacking Erik before turning to face another group of goblins that entered the square near the podium. He disabled four and eventually defeated the fifth while townsfolk killed the unconscious goblins. As the battle drew to a close, Kaon forced the last goblin to surrender and left him bound and unconscious.

The party then heard a shout and rushed out of the square to find another goblin mounted on a terrible goblin dog. The shout belonged to Aldorn Foxglove. As the party arrived, the goblin was killing Aldorn’s prize hound who was valiantly defending its master. As Kaon charged the goblin, Erik cast a spell to make him stronger and Kaon smote the goblin, knocking him from his mount and killing him in a single blow.

When interrogated, their goblin prisoner revealed that the attack had been a diversion so that a “long-shanks” could go unnoticed in the graveyard. While Erik and Albion patrolled to secure the area and see if they could be of further assistance, Secundus and Kaon wasted no time going to graveyard. When they arrived, they discovered the caretaker’s vault door open and two skeletons inside. Kaon quickly dispatched the skeletons and they discovered that Zakion’s remains had been stolen. They also found a used and discarded Robe of Bones. Kaon laid the skeletons to rest and the robe was burned after it was investigated.

The next day, the party was showered with gratitude. Amiku offered everyone free room and board at her Inn, The Rusty Dragon, after Kaon’s gracious compliments of her food on the festival day. Though not everything was peaceful, Albion and Secundus both realized they were being watched, but were unable to identify or apprehend them. Albion never saw the person watching her but did detect an exotic humanoid scent that she couldn’t identify. Secundus saw a strangely dressed man.

That evening, Aldorn Foxglove bought dinner for the party at the Hagfish in gratitude for saving his life, and invited the party to go boar hunting with him later that week. After dinner, the sheriff gathered the party to meet an Elven ranger from Mosswood named Dosanna. From her, the party learned that the goblins in the area had been much more active recently. She also revealed that all five of the local goblin tribes had united for the raid, which could only mean that they had a new and powerful leader. Sheriff Hemlock also asked the party if they would stay in town and help keep order while he traveled to ask for men and we agreed.

The following morning, it was discovered that Amiku had disappeared. Her bed had not been slept in and one of the maids found a note. The note appeared to be from Amiku’s brother, Suto. It said that he believed their father may have had something to do with the goblin attack and asked her to meet him at the glassworks (which their father owns) at midnight.

The party set out immediately for the glassworks and discovered it to be closed and locked, but smoke was coming out of the chimney. The party heard a disturbance inside and found a back door open and a safe emptied.



Dremendond Dremendond

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