The Breath of Gods

Tenth Session
A Clockwork Subtly.

On the way to marshlands, Secundus woke up to discover the magic crystal shard in his eye was gone and the entire eye had become a magic gem. As the party approached the marshlands, they saw that it was covered in a dense mist and there was a large wall of fire in the forest to the South. The forest contained a secluded elven settlement.The party decided to investigate the fire. From the air, the party could see a large army of figures methodically cutting down and burning trees. There were some bodies that had been killed by arrows. And some of them fired arrows at the ship as it passed. The party decided to find the elves to find out what’s going on.

As they searched for the elven settlement from the air, they were approached approached by elves riding griffons. The party told them they’ve come to help and they lead them to the settlement. The party landed the ship in a river in the settlement. The leader of the elves came out to meet the party and introduced himself as Tirith. He tells us that a couple months ago clockwork soldiers started incurring into the forest and attacking their scouts with no warning. A few weeks ago they started the fire and just kept coming. Their scouts had also been finding other strange creatures coming down from the mountains in small numbers. From their descriptions and drawings, the party can tell that the creatures are from another plane.

The party decided to head into the mist to stop the constructs and find Valia Sadar, one of Anorak’s apprentices. The ship dropped the party off at the edge of the mist near the path of the fire and arranged to be picked up on the mountain in the middle of the marsh. The party followed a road into the marsh leading from the path of the fire. Along the way they saw a large group of clockwork soldiers marching out. They’re all clockwork constructs and not outsiders. The party continued down the road for 2 days occasionally seeing and avoiding groups of constructs going back and forth. Later, they found the remains of wagons they’d seen pass earlier headed into the marsh. All of the constructs that were with the wagons were gone and there was signs of a battle. The wagon appeared to have contained construct parts. Construct tracks going into the swamp away from the road and the party followed them.

They found a small camp of constructs, but these appeared to be sentient. Some were playing cards, others were painted. They all wore a key around their neck. The party introduced themselves. One of them was clearly the leader. He said the constructs actions in the forest were a waste of resources and he wished to stop it. He said they were made by the maker, but they didn’t know her name. He also said that she sends them to die and are remade. He was the first to realize that there was more than her will. He rescues and awakens his brothers. He opens up their bodies and connects the magic gem at their heart with his and they awaken. He talks to them in their rapid binary language, gives them a key and shows them how to wind themselves. He sent the others to “the haven” and agreed to lead the party to the center of the marsh where maker is.

As they headed toward the center of the marsh, the ground grew harder, and they could hear a distant threshing sound. Eventually they came upon a huge pit. Giant pumps were keeping out the water and inside was a large ancient castle. From the age it must be Thassilonian but it didn’t seem to be. Thousands of constructs were excavating the ruin. The pumps were heavily guarded and put out giant pillars of steam. The leader of the sentient constructs led the party to a tunnel full of water that led from outside of the pit into the ruin. The party snuck inside at shift change using magic to let them breathe under water and remain unseen.

The tunnel came out in the base of the tower. The party headed down a central staircase. A large group of constructs passed both ways periodically as they continued their excavation. The party was able to avoid them. On the lowest level, the party hears voices coming out of an excavated tunnel following the constructs. They hide and listen. A female voice said that they “hadn’t found it yet”. A very gaunt half-elf woman and a middle-aged man came out. The man looked like a scholar and an underling. They stopped at a camp table and looked at a map. From their conversation, the party learns that they’re urgently looking for something ancient, and if they don’t find it soon they’ll delay her master’s plans. We ambush and kill them.

Their construct ally wanted the master key she carried so he can stop the others. Secundus hesitated, but gave it over after he learned that he have to attune it before he could use it, but the construct could use it right away. As soon as he had it the construct ordered the constructs to stop and return home.

Ninth Session
Fear no evil.

We defeated the disfigured villagers and moved into the cave entrance. The ruins were lit by moss that glowed a sickly green color. There were pillars covered with Thassilonian script indicating that this ruin was dedicated to the sin of Wrath. As the party moved further in, Albion and Cassius heard scrabbling and getting louder but the party couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, a giant centipede dropped from the ceiling into the midst of the party. Grethan landed the killing blow.

The party explored further and found many arches full of dirt. Albion smelled remnants of decay. The party found stairs going up that led out onto the top of the hill. As the party explored, they encountered a gnome armed with a giant battleaxe named Fergus. During the ensuing battle, we discovered he was fireproof, and could cast spells and smite good (Kaon in this case). The party defeated him and discovered that his holy symbol was a defaced symbol of Abadar.

The party headed much deeper underground and found a prison full of priests. They were being tortured and Fergus was one of them before he was tortured. We release them including one evil priest. One of them wants to fight and said she came there willingly for her goddess (Serenae). One of them was a paladin and volunteered to protect them while the party moved on. The prisoners revealed that Dagoran was a vampire and and that his goal is to kill gods. Their captors had tortured other priests to death and had brutally killed the priests of Pharasma that they captured immediately instead of torturing them like the others. They also told the party that Dagoran was currently torturing Ederog and that they didn’t know what he was.

The ruin was actually a colosseum. In the main arena was a large altar covered in Thassilonian sin markings and the skeleton of a dragon. Ederog was on the altar and Dagoran was standing over him hammering spikes into him. The party rushed forward and killed Dagoran. Ederog was revealed to be undead but of an unknown kind. The stakes that were being hammered into Ederog were imbued with unholy negative energy. The party healed Ederog with conventional healing which shouldn’t work on undead. He said that Dagoran wanted his secret. He’s not evil and found a way to prevent himself from dying. He said his only crime was not being willing to die. He achieved his current state through magic and by being willing to kill himself. Kaon felt that it was his holy duty to kill him and did. As he died, he called Chad a tool, cursed Pharasma, and revealed that he had a phylactery

The party explored further and found Dagoran’s coffin and lab. His notes revealed that he was looking for a way of using a priests connection to a god to summon and imprison the god so they could kill it. The party helps the imprisoned priests, consecrate the church in the village and destory the monument. Erik learned that his magic still allowed him to brew potions. The party takes the imprisoned priests to Sandpoint and decide to go after the apprentice in the marshlands to the East.

Eighth Session
Prelude to an Asshat

The starter for Dr. Phar’s vampires came from one of the apprentices named Dagoran, but was referred to as “Ass-hat”. The names of the other two apprentices were Mammoth (in the mountains to the North) and Valia Sadar (in the swamps to the East). All the apprentices’ locations appeared to have been built on Thassilonian ruins. The party decided to head back to Sandpoint to get the ship now that Secundus had learned the language. The name of the ship is the spear of Aroden. The map is a map of the planes. Among the books in the captain’s cabin is a captain’s log. The last entry is from April 15th AR4606: 100 years ago and 2 days before Aroden’s death. It also reveals that this was indeed Aroden’s ship. The last shipment was starfire gems from the Gorgathan Depths to the City of Alabaster on the Elemental Plane of Air. It seemed that the books in the cabin were all written by Aroden himself. One such book is encoded very very well and glows with a strongly divine aura. Sucundus is able to hear faint whispering sounds while on board, but can’t make out words.

Secundus looked through the gem again and addressed the first mate in the language of the ship. The ship stills, the crew stops and looks at Secundus. The gem cracks and explodes. The force rocked the boat and the crew became visible. They are humanoid with albino white skin with different animal heads. Secundus is blinded in one eye, and a shard of the crystal embeds itself that eye. The crystal downloaded all the knowledge needed to fly the ship and use the map. The crew seemed happy and relieved. The crew celebrates because they can feel again. Erik blesses the rum.The party tours the ship and asks the first mate questions. There are store rooms with gems that can be socketed in to create various environments needed to transport goods. A strange organic/crystal/machine thing provides atmosphere. The crew are constructs made by Aroden. Their mission is to serve and maintain the ship. They were in a void after Aroden’s death. He ordered them not to reveal details about the events leading up to his death. They also know Carmack and refer to him as Carmak, the Voyager. The first mate’s name is Bao.

The ship has minimal supplies, but Bao suggests resupplying at the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire. The staterooms are now furnished and decorated appropriate for each character, except for the captain’s room which is unchanged. People at the docks in the City of Brass take notice of the ship. Someone calls out to Erik and asks to come on board. He does the Cayden Cailean salute, drains a mug and says it’s nice to be back on board. He then thanks us, toasts our health and leaves. He was totally Cayden Cailean and Erik receives his blessing. He also tells Erik that he needs to learn to use his bracelet. We return to the Prime material and head to where Dagoran is. On the way, Grethan freaks out with hero angst and Kaon comforts him.

We land a clearing and Grethan decides to come with us. The ruin we’re heading to is under a hill. There’s a small town outside a cave entrance into the hill. It looks like a run down mining village. Looks like about 200 people in town. As we approach, people on the outskirts stop and watch us. Some of them come out to meet us. They say the town is called Od and that there’s no undead in the area. They are evil and lying. They refuse to let us in. We ask for Dagoran and they send someone to ask. As we’re waiting we see 30 disfigured people start coming out of town toward us. The townies run. We kill them and move into the town. A bell sounds. In the town center, there is a monument with a symbol to a demon/devil of corruption and a large crowd. About 60 more of the disfigured people coming our way.

Seventh Session
Wibbly Wobbly.

Cassius (Anwar) awakened back at the inn in Sandpoint. When he inquired after the rest of the party, he learned that they were heading to Poplar River. He set off in pursuit after being given a horse and traveling supplies at no charge. He was also surprised to suddenly find himself addressed as “my lord”. He arrived in Poplar River at night and decided to stay the night in the Inn. When is awakened, there was someone in the room with him. The stranger was cowled and bandaged and his eyes were glowing and he was nearly seven feet tall. He said that his name was Carmak, and that he was there to help the party with the transition. He also knew about the party’s new mythic abilities, and admitted that he had been watching them. He offers to lead Cassius to the sanitarium to meet up with the rest of the party because they will need his help. Others were unable to see Carmak, and he ran alongside Cassius’s horse at speed as though being viewed on skipping film.

Meanwhile, the rest of party found themselves standing outside the farmhouse where they battled the ghast. Their Ghoul Fever was gone. Kaon asked what happened having only partial memories of the party’s jump in time. Secundus suggested it be discussed later as Grethan and the survivor were with us. This reminder brought the sobering task of admitting the party’s accidental killing of the survivor’s wife. He was understandably distraught and ran off. Grethan went after him and brought him back though it was clear the survivor had struck him. Kaon offered his condolences and offered help. The survivor replied angrily that we had done enough, but then apologized and thanked the party for saving his life. Grethan constructed a stretcher, and the survivor placed his wife’s body on it and carried her himself.

When the party arrived back at the sanitarium, they saw Carmak and Cassius approaching. Albion realized that Carmak was the source of the strange scent she had smelled in the past. The party and Carmak introduced themselves, and Carmak put the survivor to sleep. He said that he was there to put the party on the first path, and that the party had been touched by the divine. He also said that the powers the party had been granted are rare and could be increased through trials. He also knew about the time jump the party had experienced, but said we’d have to ask Pharasma about it when questioned. When asked if he worked for Pharasma, he said he was on his own side “good, evil, me”). He also says that the path the party was on will lead to being on their own side unless they chose to follow another. He described himself as an adviser for those touched by the divine and that he had earned that role. He also said the party had taken the first steps and that Anorak is our enemy, that he also possessed mythic powers, and that he intended to kill another god. He also said that the party must find the clue in the sanitarium that led them North to preserve the timeline and that the party’s first trial is to keep Grethan alive until the timelines realign and that the party will meet him again. He teleports away with the survivor and his wife’s body. During the conversation, the party was able to perceive that he was an outsider and not evil.

The party discovered a hidden door behind the sanitarium revealing stairs leading down to a hallway leading the length of the building. At the other side was another staircase leading up and there were 2 metal doors halfway down the hall. Behind each door were large chambers full of armed and armored skeletons. The rooms were also unnaturally and inexplicably cold. The skeletons were identically armored and wore a purple tabard with a crossed rod and crook over a blue flame and there were 160 of them. Rather than risk their activation and alert anyone else upstairs, the party decided to explore before dealing with them. They headed up the other stairway which opened into the main room of the sanitarium via another hidden door. The main room took up pretty much the entire building and was laid out like a prison with 3 floors of cells along the walls with stairs and walkways. There was also an office and living quarters against the rear wall. Cassius snuck to the office, examining the cells as he went. Many were empty the others appeared to contain sleeping humans. As Cassius looked, the person inside was suddenly pressed against the window pounding on the door and soon the same pounding could be heard from throughout the cells.

Albion rushed toward the office, while Secundus made himself invisible and moved to the other side of the room. A flesh golem emerged from the office and fought Cassius, Albion, and Kaon while Erik healed and buffed them. The golem was eventually defeated when Cassius, using his mythic power to attack twice, scored critical hits with both strikes doing 50 damage in one round. Shortly after the golem appeared, Secundus saw a man step out of the living quarters and start to levitate down. Secundus and the man exchanged lightning bolts until the stranger was killed.

But as Secundus approached the body, it stood up and hits Secundus with a fireball. The party rallied and defeated the lich. Secundus’ magic revealed that the lich’s name was Dr. Marius Far and that he was a “redeemer of souls”. The living quarters was mostly full of books and a laboratory. The kitchen appeared to have not been used. Upon closer examination the people in the cells were discovered to be vampires that had been starved into madness. The library contained books on anatomy, necromancy, constructs, history, and some in Thassilonian. One of the books describes infusing undead with some sort of outsider energy instead of negative energy. Kaon destroyed the books that were evil but Secundus recovered a number of other books including some spell books and a magical book on constructs. There was also a map of Varissia on the wall with 4 marks. One of the marks is the sanitarium. Another is the labeled “The Armory” and is the dungeon where the party was during the time jump. The party took the map. They then destroyed the skeletons. When the last was destroyed, the temperature in the room returned to normal. The party decided to donate the arms and armor from the skeletons to the surrounding communities. The party consecrated the area and properly disposed of the bodies.

From investigating the doctor’s journals and notes, we find out that he was one of Anorak’s apprentices and that there are three other apprentices at the other locations on the map. We also find out that many of the doctor’s victims came from slavers and he kept detailed records leading to Magnamar.

Sixth Session

Shortly after heading back to town, the party were suddenly and instantly found themselves somewhere else. Grethan, the survivor, and his wife were all gone and Anwar’s character was with us; a moment ago he had been in Sandpoint. Kaon was unconscious on a stretcher that appeared to have been made in haste recently. He appeared to be injured badly and in a coma. The party had all clearly been through a fight recently and had the wounds to prove it.

There was an intensely magical blue fire around the party that was fading. The fire consisted of magic of all types: arcane, divine and even psionic. The party glowed with a similar aura. Upon further examination, Kaon’s soul appeared to be missing.

The party examines their surroundings and discovered they were in an underground cavern that had been shaped. It is very quiet like a tomb. Behind them was a large, ornate door full of collapsed rubble. The same blue fire seemed to be coming from behind that door and was fading. There are 2 other small doors and stairs going up and down. The stairs going up are also full of collapsed rubble. The room is lit with torches that appear to have been placed a couple hours ago. Albion detects the same exotic scent as well as a smell like burnt metal, rock and lizard. The small is fading and seems to have come from behind the collapsed door. There is Thassilonian writing around the door that indicates this structure was a prison created by the Rune Lords to hold some kind of magical beast.

The small doors led to small antechambers. The party headed down the stairs carrying Kaon along with them. Suddenly a wraith appeared and attempted to posses Kaon, but it was repelled forcefully by an unknown force indicated that Kaon’s body was being protected most likely by Pharasma. The party defeated the wraith but during the course of the battle, Secundus saw the aura around Albion solidify on his body like armor, and he found his spells were more powerful than they should have been. Secundus realized he suddenly had the ability to cast any of his prepared spells even ones he knew he had used. As the party proceeded they were attacked by Anubisoids. Again the party was victorious and during the battle, Anwar’s character discovered he could shadow step and Erik had abilities he didn’t previously. When defeated the Anubisoids crumbled into dust.

In another room, we find a sarcophogus and defeat a mummy which it contained. Inside we find 3 magic items which we later identify as a Ring of Keys, a Ring of Soften Earth and Stone and an Amulet of True Speech. The party proceeds and begins to head upwards. They find a room with a single door that had been knocked in and the remains of 4 humanoids that appeared to be a couple decades old. Investigation indicates they may have been killed by a chain lighting spell.

The party eventually finds a secret door and emerges from a small, concealed cave in a plain. There are mountains nearby and it’s late autumn or early winter; it was late summer when the party was transported. The party heads towards chimney smoke visible in the distance. They arrive at a small town that looks like a trapping village. It has a high wooden wall which is common but there are claw marks near the top. The residents recognize the party and are glad to see them.

After conversation with Artun, their leader, and the party’s confessing that they had no memory of how they arrived, the party learns that two months have passed. Starting around the same time, the souls of dead stopped moving on and there were more undead. We showed up about a week ago looking for the source of the undead. We said we though that it was a dwarf necromancer named Anorak. We arrived a little beaten up, stayed a couple days and then headed out. Grethan was still with us, but he hadn’t returned. It seems that whatever we did solved the problem and the dead seem to be staying dead. There also had been some kind of creature coming by the town at night periodically. It would road and claw at the wall for a few minutes and leave.

We spend the night in the town. Our dreams were filled with rage, pain, and battle. There was a large creature in the dream that was difficult to see but it glowed with the same blue magic and we sensed peace and satisfaction directed toward us. When we awoke the next morning, we resting discover that we have attained Mythic powers. We leave Kaon in the inn and retrace our steps to find out what happened. We find another hidden entrance that appears to lead to the same cavern where we arrived. There are six sets of tracks going in and the party was able to identify them as our own and Grethan.

Inside the cave was a very large cavern full of graves and tombs. Along the way we find more piles of dust like those left by defeated Anubisoids. In the center of the chamber is a large hill where there are signs of battle. The party appears to have fought there and there is a fresh cairn with Grethan’s name on it. We explore on and find the collapsed stair that we thin leads to the room where we arrived. We decided to come back with tools and men to dig it out and discover what was behind the collapsed door.

We spend the night back in the village but are awakened by a loud roar and screams from the village. We rush out to face the threat and find an Underworld Dragon. Anwar’s character asks it what it’s doing here, and it says “I’m here for you” and spits lava at him. He evades and we battle the dragon and defeat it. We take it’s claws which are Adamintine. After the fight we look back at the Inn and Kaon is standing there, leaning against the door frame and dragging his sword. His eyes were glowing white. As the party approached, he says in a cold, feminine, otherworldly voice “Remember”. And we fall back through our memories to where we were when we started the session. Also we hit level 5. Ding.

Fifth Session
That's no scarecrow!

The elven ranger from before returns to Sandpoint and mentions that there has been strange activity in the area. Possibly necromantic. After some discussion, the party decides to investigate the nearby town of Poplar River where graves have been robbed. Before leaving the party has dinner with Aldon Foxglove and borrows horses for the journey. In the morning Albion again smells the same strange smell she noticed in town and again in the chamber with the beacon. She attempted to follow it but to no avail.

When the party arrives in Poplar River, they find the tavern crowded and the citizens seem frightened and on edge. All the inns and stables are full because residents on the outskirts of town are afraid to stay there. There had been five murders in town recently. The party seeks out the town’s sheriff who becomes very happy to see us when he learns that we were the ones who helped in Sandpoint. The sheriff is found at the lumber mill where one of the murders took place. There are signs of a struggle and the room is covered in blood. The victims was the owner of the mill, Benny Harper. His face and jaw had been removed and he had a sihedron carved into the back of his neck. The party determines that he was likely killed by a ghast in the middle of the night. They find tracks leading to the river. The party also discovers a second victim that had been killed in the log-splitter. She was the daughter of a local store owner named Karina.

The other murders were at a farm, and a campground on the road. There were no connections between the victims, but the murders were moving in a line toward the town. All the victims had been strung up in some kind of ritual. It appears the one at the lumber mill was interrupted. Erik was very successful lightening the mood in the tavern and got everybody talking. The grave disturbances had happened 2 weeks ago; the bodies hadn’t been removed. The graves were old: ~75 years ago. Two of the graves belonged to members of an adventuring group that mostly settled the town. One wore a ring that he never took off and had some kind of star on it. The other had a necklace with the same star on it with a red gem and a blue gem. There were two other adventurers in that group, an elf and a dwarf who moved on. The dwarf was named Falgor. There is also a Thassilonian expert in town, but he’s widely considered to be a bit of a nut.

The party hired a local hunter named Grethan to help them track the killer. They follow the tracks from the lumber mill across the river and through through a marsh to Dr. Habe’s Sanitarium. The tracks appear to have looked around and then moved on. They lead to an abandoned farm. There were no crops in the field but twenty scarecrows. The party hailed and one of the scarecrows screamed like a ghoul. The scarecrows closest to us tried to shake themselves loose and attack the party but were defeated. When we get to the next group of scarecrows, we shoot first, but tragically that scarecrow was still a human who hadn’t yet succumbed to Ghoul Fever and was killed by the party. After that, the party is more cautious in dealing with the remaining scarecrows. All but one are ghouls and defeated. The last was a human with Ghoul Fever. He said that he and his wife were taken 3 or 4 nights ago. We left him with Grethan while we cleared the rest of the farm.

In the barn, there were more ghouls and a large amount of gore and bones, some human, some livestock. In the house, the party fought more ghouls and a ghast. The ghast had a key that opened a hidden coffer. They also found another body killed and marked like the others. The tracks they’d been following continued past the farm, but the party decided they needed to take the survivor and his wife’s body back to town.

Fourth Session
I, Necromancer

After defeating the goblin chief on Thistletop, Kaon took the goblin chief’s head to scare off the remaining goblins. Before heading deeper into the fortress, the party killed the goblin dogs in the courtyard and rescued a captured horse from an outbuilding.

As the party proceeded underground, they discovered goblins that had been ripped apart. Evidence suggested they had been killed by undead. The harbinger released a supernaturally loud cry that shook the walls and left an unnatural silence after the echos faded. Below was a chamber lit by foul-smelling lichen. Two doors had been broken in. In a storeroom, the party discovered a fiery portal with shades on the other side. Another chamber was a goblin nursery where baby goblins were raised by dogs. Another chamber was a living area and contained a large number of dead zombies and 2 humans that had been ripped apart. The party determined that they had fought each other and the zombies had driven them back into this area. One of them was a mage, the other a warrior. The bodies were fresh and the zombies had come from the portal. One of the other room’s belonged to Nualia.

The party followed the trail of bodies deeper and found a chapel of Lamashtu. Inside, a battle between goblins and undead was raging. In the midst of battle was a dwarf necromancer who wore a cloak made of human faces. He shot a bolt of lightning down a hallway on the far side of the room and the party could hear a woman scream. The dwarf went down the hallway after the woman and the party pursued skirting the battle. Secundus reached the door first and triggered a glyph of warding which knocked him unconscious. Kaon revived Secundus and the party fought and defeated the remaining zombies who had come after the party once the goblins were defeated. The Harbinger’s eyes were dripping with red energy.

The party pursued the necromancer and pass through a gallery with crude drawings and a war room. Beyond that, the stonework was much older. They passed through a chamber with ancient statues and beautiful, unnaturally preserved artwork including a painting of an ancient Thassilonian city. The party was attacked by shadows, and continued on after they were dispatched.

The party caught up to the necromancer who had defeated Nualia. She was injured, and kneeling before him. The necromancer looked at the party, his face cadaverous. The Harbinger screamed, and the necromancer laughed. He weilds a staff and holds a necklace that he had just taken from Nualia. He said, “You’re too late.” and then to Kaon and Erik: “Tell them I’m coming. God’s death is coming.” and teleported away.

Nualia’s left arm is a demon’s arm. She has ritual scars on her belly indicating that she has given birth to a monster. The party ties her up and drags her back to the surface. On the way back, they investigate some of the rooms they passed in pursuit of the necromancer and Nualia. In a hallway with columns, one of the columns contained a secret passage that had been sealed for a very long time. Inside is a lavish study that’s both lit and preserved by magic. The study contains a large number of books. Behind a secret panel is a window that looked down on a mountain indicating that this study was nowhere near Thistletop. There was also a globe of the world before the fall made of precious metals. By studying the contents of the war room, the party discovers that all of the goblin’s plots have now been thwarted. When they reach the area with the portal, it’s gone.

The party takes Nualia back to town and imprison her in the crypt. From questioning her they learn that the necromancer was after the necklace and that it was a key to power, but after that she only warns of a horrible fate that is coming and bites off her own tongue.

Over the next week as they await the trial, the party regroups and resupplies. They return to Thistletop to collect anything of value from the magic study. Unfortunately the gate spell is collapsing. They are able to get about 200 books and the ancient globe. Some of the books are in Thassilonian. The magic still that Erik found on the ship is gone and he finds a magic bracelet has appeared on his wrist which lets him summon it. Kaon inquires about rebuilding his destroyed monastery.

The sheriff returns and Nualia and Suto are tried. Nualia is hanged and her body burnt. Suto is given life in prison in Magnamar.

Third Session
Goblins, Bugbears and Spelljammers oh my!

After defeating the monstrous goblin, the party ascended a staircase
and discovered a large chamber with several pits covered by rotten
wood. Each pit contained a zombie, likely abandoned down there since
the time of the Rune Lords. Albion cleverly used his cantrips to
destroy the zombies without risk to the party or consuming resources.
There was fresh garbage in the room indicating that some number of
goblins had been living the temple.

Down the hall from that room, the party discovered a meditation
chamber. This room was well kept and looked as though the goblins had
been kept out. Celestial runes were on the floor. They looked as
though they had been added after the temple was constructed, but were
still old. There was a also a magical, holy, glowing blue gem on the
wall that was clearly out of place. The gem was discovered to be a
beacon: an item used to send messages between the planes. Kaon touched
the beacon and began blinking in an unintelligible pattern. The
blinking grew faster and brighter until it suddenly stopped. The glow
disappeared and the stone feel from the wall. The party had been
magically healed and there used spells and abilities restored. It no
longer had a magical aura. Secundus collected it for further study.
Albion took time to meditate while the rest of the party investigated
the beacon, and detected the same strange, unidentified sent she had
smelled back in Sandpoint the morning after the raid.

The party was startled to hear the screams of enraged goblins coming
from the bottom of a spiral staircase just past the meditation
chamber. Secundus used a grease spell as the goblins came up the
stairs which killed some as they slipped down the stairs and delayed
the rest as they were unable to get past the grease. The party easily
defeated the few who made it past the grease. Once the spell had
faded, the remaining goblins surged up the stairs and were burned en
masse by Albion’s magic. The party could hear the remaining goblins
fleeing and screaming as a monstrous voice yelled at them to get out
of it’s way. The voice turned out to be a bugbear, and he party spread
out to flank the top of the stairs.

After it’s defeat, the party descended the stairs to find a very long
tunnel which opened onto the surface in the forest about 2 miles from
Sandpoint. The party followed the tracks of some the few remaining
goblins who had fled, but there pursuit was interrupted by an
explosion in the sky over Sandpoint. A meteor-like object appeared out
of nothing over the town and streaked down toward the see near the

The party immediately headed back to Sandpoint, there they discovered
the town bustling with activity and a strange glowing ship offshore.
Albion recognized it as a ship for travelling between the planes. A
quick investigation in town revealed that no one had been seen on or
leaving the ship. That it hadn’t responded to any hails, and that it
repelled their boats as they approached it. The glow around the ship
had been gradually fading since it appeared. A local boy volunteered
to row the party out to the ship. This time, the ship wasn’t repelled,
but the boy was. The party felt no resistance. The boy eagerly swam
back to shore and the party mounted the strange vessel.

The boat was much like a normal sea-faring vessel, but with strange
differences in it’s sails and some details. The hull of the ship was
made of metal. The ship was equipped with cannon, but the ammunition
were shells instead of balls which the party had never seen or heard
of. The anchor had been dropped, the lifeboats were stowed, and the
holds were empty. Writing around the ship was in an unknown language
that appeared to be a combination of Draconic, Celestial, Abyssal, and
Infernal. The ship appeared well-maintained, but seemed very old.
There was no sign of crew, but the party felt they were being watched,
and Albion smelled the same strange smell from the town and the
meditation chamber.

Kaon tried to open the door to the captain’s chamber, but it
held-fast. As Secundus approached however, it opened itself. Inside,
there were books and charts in the same strange language and a glowing
orb that seemed to be some sort of map, but the party had no idea what
it was or how to read it. Also in the cabin, the party discovered a
cage holding a large Raven with milky white eyes and bandages dangling
from it’s legs. It was identified as a harbinger of Pharasma (Kaon’s
deity). The party released it and it tagged along with the party as
they explored the ship. As the party left, the captain’s door locked
itself. A quick test revealed that it only opened for Secundus.

In the crew quarters, the party found a still with the holy symbol of
Cayden Cailean (Erik’s deity), which produced blessed alchol. In
another room, Albion hears a faint whisper and a command to “Draw me.”
When he draws his sword, the entire party hears a sigh and the ship
thrums. After much thought, Secundus, looks through the spent beacon
and sees a spectral crew going about their business on the ship. They
salute him and respond to commands and questions, but he is unable to
hear them and it is difficult to discern their appearance. The rest of
the party can also see the crew when looking through the gem, and they
realize that items the crew is holding are similarly invisible, but
that they appear when set down. The harbinger draws Kaon’s attention
to the mast and they discover the holy symbol of Aroden on the main

The party returned to Sandpoint to ponder and regroup. They informed
the mayor that the ship was not a threat to the town. They made sure
that Amiku was ok, and that her brother remained imprisoned and was
still unwilling to talk. After some discussion they decided to
investigate Thistletop, where they believed the goblin horde were
encamped. They hoped to get information on the size of the force and
try to stop the raid before it happened if possible. Thistletop is
actually a small island that is really the head of an ancient statue
that sank into the sea. That night the party went to investigate the
goblin camp.

The camp was quiet and dark, small groups of goblins were found
sleeping and killed in their sleep. In the courtyard, there were 4
goblin hounds scratching at the door of an outbuilding. By the door,
there were two dead goblins who’s skulls had been crushed. They party
also found 2 goblins awake in one of the watch towers and left them
unnoticed for the time. In the center of the compound, behind a set of
double doors, the party could hear goblins reenacting the raid on
sound point. They burst in to discover a war chanter creating a crude
illusion of the party while goblin commandos killed them and some sort
of goblin chieftain enjoyed the show from his throne. The party
defeated the goblins, though the battle was long. They took a ring of
keys from the chieftain.

First Session
The goblins cometh.

Five years ago, the city of Sandpoint was rocked by tragedy and scandal. The great cathedral of Desna burned to the ground. The cathedral overseer, Zakion, and his daughter Nualia died in the blaze.

The fire was so intense that only partial remains of Zakion were found. Nothing was left of poor Nualia. Nualia was a foundling and was thought to be an Aasimar, descended from a celestial. She was not well liked and made no friends. She was the subject of many rumors about minor miracles and magical properties. Not long before the fire, Nualia gave birth. The child was still-born and horribly deformed. The shock of it all put Nualia into a brief coma. The identity of the father was a complete mystery. Rumor has it that Zakion was not at all pleased to discover her pregnancy.

In addition to the tragedy at the cathedral, there was also the death of the wife of Longjiku Kajitsu. Longjiku was a successful merchant and the richest man in Sandpoint. The official investigation declared that his wife had fallen, but rumors in town persisted that he had murdered her. The two of them and their daughter, Amiku, were all human (Tians, to be precise), but their son, Suto, was born a Half Elf. He was never well-liked except by his mother and hadn’t been seen in Sandpoint for some time.

As our story begins, Sandpoint is holding a swallowtail festival to celebrate and consecrate the new cathedral. Secundus (Elias) had volunteered to assist months ago, but finds himself largely running things by mid-morning. His friend and former student, Albion (Fish) had come to Sandpoint seeking his help. He had made an important discovery that could not wait and believed Secundus was the only person he could trust. Unfortunately, Albion’s nature led the Sheriff, Belor Hemlock, to mistake his intent towards Secundus and left him in a cell before seeking out Secundus. When Secundus arrived at the jail, Albion immediately began to tell him about his discovery and it was several minutes of animated discussion before either remembered to open the cell and release Albion. They parted company then, planning to meet back together later that evening.

That day at the festival, Erik (Devin) spent his time blessing drinks and kissing girls when he wasn’t healing the sick. Kaon (Chad) spent the day feasting at the many food-stalls, all free on the day of the festival. Albion sought out the seedy underbelly of Sandpoint and tried to build up a network of contacts among the city’s urchins.

As the sun set, everyone gathered in the square before the cathedral for the blessing. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and a party of goblins emerged from a cart and began attacking the crowd. Fortunately for those nearby, Erik was near the cart and had just realized something was wrong when the attack began. He battled several while Kaon charged across the square to help. He terrified and dispatched the goblins he encountered on the way. Albion battled goblins who were attacking his new friends among the urchins. Secundus, lamenting that his crossbow was hanging in his rooms, fired a spell at the goblins attacking Erik before turning to face another group of goblins that entered the square near the podium. He disabled four and eventually defeated the fifth while townsfolk killed the unconscious goblins. As the battle drew to a close, Kaon forced the last goblin to surrender and left him bound and unconscious.

The party then heard a shout and rushed out of the square to find another goblin mounted on a terrible goblin dog. The shout belonged to Aldorn Foxglove. As the party arrived, the goblin was killing Aldorn’s prize hound who was valiantly defending its master. As Kaon charged the goblin, Erik cast a spell to make him stronger and Kaon smote the goblin, knocking him from his mount and killing him in a single blow.

When interrogated, their goblin prisoner revealed that the attack had been a diversion so that a “long-shanks” could go unnoticed in the graveyard. While Erik and Albion patrolled to secure the area and see if they could be of further assistance, Secundus and Kaon wasted no time going to graveyard. When they arrived, they discovered the caretaker’s vault door open and two skeletons inside. Kaon quickly dispatched the skeletons and they discovered that Zakion’s remains had been stolen. They also found a used and discarded Robe of Bones. Kaon laid the skeletons to rest and the robe was burned after it was investigated.

The next day, the party was showered with gratitude. Amiku offered everyone free room and board at her Inn, The Rusty Dragon, after Kaon’s gracious compliments of her food on the festival day. Though not everything was peaceful, Albion and Secundus both realized they were being watched, but were unable to identify or apprehend them. Albion never saw the person watching her but did detect an exotic humanoid scent that she couldn’t identify. Secundus saw a strangely dressed man.

That evening, Aldorn Foxglove bought dinner for the party at the Hagfish in gratitude for saving his life, and invited the party to go boar hunting with him later that week. After dinner, the sheriff gathered the party to meet an Elven ranger from Mosswood named Dosanna. From her, the party learned that the goblins in the area had been much more active recently. She also revealed that all five of the local goblin tribes had united for the raid, which could only mean that they had a new and powerful leader. Sheriff Hemlock also asked the party if they would stay in town and help keep order while he traveled to ask for men and we agreed.

The following morning, it was discovered that Amiku had disappeared. Her bed had not been slept in and one of the maids found a note. The note appeared to be from Amiku’s brother, Suto. It said that he believed their father may have had something to do with the goblin attack and asked her to meet him at the glassworks (which their father owns) at midnight.

The party set out immediately for the glassworks and discovered it to be closed and locked, but smoke was coming out of the chimney. The party heard a disturbance inside and found a back door open and a safe emptied.



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